Seminar - I’m creating my company

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“You need to be able to learn every day”

82 people eager to know how to create a company as well as 24 speakers and panelists gathered on Friday April 27th evening and Saturday April, 28th morning at the Chamber Of Commerce in Kirchberg for the seminar “I’m creating my company.”

The seminar opening statement by Mr Michel Wurth, president of the Chamber of Commerce, underlined the importance of the individuals to consider creating their own jobs and the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Luxembourg in setting up the House of Startups in order to provide the right support to those who embark in the exciting venture of entrepreneurship.

Remy Manso and Yannis Xydias, partners of MansoGroup, encouraged the audience to avoid awaiting to know it all before they start their company. “You’ll never know it all. But you need to be able to learn every day. If you choose a partner, do not take somebody who thinks exactly like you. Chose one who complements you so that common actions are leveraged.”

Asked about how they perceive this initiative the participants consider the program as “stimulating” : “I’ve been looking for this kind of support for 3 years…Will definitely use all contacts to support my startup business.”  Other participants appreciated the fact that the seminar was in English and the quality of the deliverables:  “It was great to have the sessions in English and it was very helpful to receive a booklet to refer back to after the seminar.”  

“I’m creating my company.” is a seminar organized in French language by Fuse – Objectif Plein Emploi for 19 years now. A partnership with Indian Business Chamber Luxembourg since 2017 as allowed the creation of an English version of the seminar.

© Tania Bettega

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